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Bush’s Environmental Record
© Kohlhase

      We are naturally talking about George W. Bush, president of the United States from 2000 to 2008, likely the worst environmental president in the country’s history. His vice president, Dick Cheney, was not only the farthest thing from being an Earth Steward, but also loved to murder wildlife for the sheer sport of it. Cheney frequently went on “canned pheasant hunts,” and was known to have killed 75 of these magnificent creatures in a five-hour period, equivalent to knocking one down every four minutes as they were released for his pleasure. Too bad that Cheney cannot emulate the hunter who changed his mind.

      Rather than list here all of the harmful actions against the environment taken by George “Dubya” Bush and his Republican cowboy administration over their eight-year reign, it will be much easier to refer the reader to the facts.

      Personally, I do have direct knowledge of the attempt Bush made to prevent the public from knowing about the dangers of global warming. He appointed a young man (24 years old) by the name of George Deutsch to the NASA Public Affairs Office for the purpose of editing and censoring any scientific findings that would be “inconvenient” for him to deal with. Deutsch had actually faked his resume from Texas A&M University to give the appearance that he had graduated, which turned out to be untrue. Fortunately for our country, Dr. James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies spilled the beans to the press, forcing NASA Administrator Michael Griffin to issue a public statement that NASA would be careful in the future to avoid censorship. It also led to the resignation of Deutsch from his NASA political appointee position.

      But worst of all, Bush had cost the U.S. and the world eight critical years during which actions could have been started to slow global warming and protect biodiversity, rather than eight years of censoring scientific findings. That last contribution outraged sixty scientists and should have earned for Bush a criminal indictment. President Obama and the two-party U.S. Congress will have an uphill battle turning this environmental crisis around with serious action. However, the world will have great respect for them if they can lead a major green movement for our planet.

Kohlhase, 9/12/2009