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Biosphere Gee Whiz Facts

North Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually, equivalent to nearly a billion trees.

15 billion lbs of trash are dumped into the ocean each year.

There are 30 million different species living on Earth, but extinction rates are 1000x greater in 2010 than in 1850.

If Antarctica melted, sea levels would rise over 200 feet.

Tropical forests are being lost at the rate of nearly two football fields per second.

The 45 million cubic feet of resources needed to support one North American for 75 years would fill the volume of two Yankee Stadiums.

One pond in Brazil has a greater variety of fish than all of the rivers in Europe.

Thailand and the Philippines each lost half of their forests between 1960 and 1985.

1,000 mature trees are needed to absorb the 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide produced annually by one North American.

25 acres of Borneo rainforest have more tree diversity (700+) than all of North America.

U.S. households receive 90 billion pieces of junk mail annually.

A one-time investment of 50 billion dollars could protect all of the global biodiversity hotspots ... equivalent to about 8% of one year´s U.S. defense budget.