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Creativity Gee Whiz Facts

George Gershwin, in 1924 at the age of only 25, completed the entire score for the musical masterpiece Rhapsody in Blue in only 14 days.

Creative breakthroughs often occur during periods of relaxation following periods of intense concentration and brainstorming.

Early markers for spawning creativity include influence by at least one special person, storytelling, curiosity, awareness of the beauty of the natural world, a strong education, natural talent, and the ability to conceptualize.

Although Mozart composed over 600 works, beginning at the age of 5, most geniuses usually require about 10 years to develop.

Traits of creative people show much duality, e.g., smart but both humble and proud, playfully energetic but good at resting, moving between reality and fantasy, both passionate and objective, rebelliously independent but disciplined, an even mixture of both eros and restraint, an even mixture of both masculinity and femininity, and the ability to balance skills with challenges.

The most creative people tend to have IQs of at least 120.

Imagination, self-motivation, and the ability to simplify are always key to creativity.

“My memory is full of sleeping messages ready to awake at any time in the future.” (quote by computer scientist and artist Mauro Annunziato)

The proof of Fermat´s Last Theorem was finally achieved 358 years after first conjectured in 1637 by Pierre de Fermat, with credit richly praised upon British mathematician Andrew Wiles, who still required seven years of rigorous and high-level math to accomplish the task.

Studies have shown that individual creativity is far more effective than group creativity.

“What worthless looking rocks await my hand and mind to transform them to beautiful and irresistible artifacts with the imprint of timeless mathematical theorems?” (quote by mathematical sculptor Helaman Ferguson)