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Word Pursuit      Word Pursuit is based on the original Hinky Pinky word game. There are a plethora of word games from simple puns to complex crossword puzzles. Hangman was also one of my favorites as a child. Published in 1985 by Monarch Press, this book traces the history of word games and the appeal of rhyme. It contains over 2,000 humorous rhyming word solutions based upon clue words. These can be as simple as “damaged penny” (bent cent) or as advanced as “brownish apple” (russet russet). Other “golden Hinky Pinkies” (identical solution words) like russet russet are less difficult, e.g., “enormous elephant” (mammoth mammoth). There are also some word combos too wacky to be serious, e.g., “New Yorker’s booze cabinet” (Knickerbocker liquor-locker). This small book also contains over sixty great cartoon sketches by Gary Hovland, whose illustrations have appeared in all of the major magazines. Referred to as “picture pinks,” one must guess the rhyming words conjured up by each sketch. Such cartoons as drunk skunk, gopher chauffer, and piranha nirvana are examples.

The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide

      The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide, edited by Kohlhase with inputs by many people, was first published in 1989, but was very popular and had three print runs by the GPO. Its purpose was to explain in simple language how JPL carries out the major events of a deep-space mission and what specific activities were planned by the Voyager-2 spacecraft during its Neptune encounter sequence in August of 1989. It also covered the flight of Voyager 2 beyond Neptune to the solar heliopause and eventually to the distant stars.

      Other topics included the use of planetary gravity-assist swingbys to accomplish the Grand Tour; a very popular “Gee Whiz” chapter on amazing facts about the spacecraft and mission; a listing of the scientific discoveries by both Voyagers 1 and 2 during the Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus encounters; short summaries of a dozen other missions past and future; quotes by famous people as well as Voyager team members on what the mission meant to them; and even a flip-page movie in the Guide page corners to depict the flight past Neptune and Triton as if riding aboard the fast-moving spacecraft.